LaTeX Fonts and Symbols

LaTeX expects three font families as defaults.
Font Family CodeCommand
Roman (serif, with tails on the uprights) as the defaultrm\textrm{text}
Sans-serif, with no tails on the uprightssf\textsf{text}
Monospace (fixed-width or typewriter)tt\texttt{text}

For the common type shape and series commands, use the simplified syntax in the table below.
Type StyleCommandExample
Italic\textit{words in italics}puts the words in the brackets in italics
Slanted\textsl{words to be slanted}puts a few words in slanted type.
Small Capitals\textsc{words to be in small capitals}puts the words in the brackets in small capitals
Bold\textbf{words to be in bold}puts the words in brackets in bold
Sans-serif\textsf{words to be in sans-serif}puts the words into sans-serif type
Monospace\texttt{words to be in monospace}puts a few words in typewriter type
Emphasis\emph{word}italicizes words.
Monospace{\tt words}Monospaces all words within the curly braces.
Italics{\it words}Italicizes all words within the curly braces.

Font Size
Font size in LaTeX is controlled with font size commands.
CommandNominal Point SizeExact Point Size

Foreign symbols. (Text mode)

Accents. (Text mode)

Math mode accents.

Greek letters.

Uppercase Greek Letters

Binary operation symbols.

Relation symbols.

Arrow symbols.

Miscellaneous symbols.

Variable-sized symbols.

Log-like symbols


Some other constructions.